Driving in Transylvania and Romania in general,,,
נובמבר 5, 2019

Once you have entered the country, good luck and be careful driving in Romania! Normally the roads are signposted and a good sat-nav or Google Maps are really good helpers in finding your way around but you still have to drive carefully and keep your eyes peeled. The speed limit is in line with other European countries and it stands at 50 km/hour inside villages or towns, 90 km/hour outside and up to 130 km/hour on motorways (highways if you speak American English or Autobahn if you’re German). The traffic police are quite common on the roads, supervising or checking the traffic or endorsing the speed limit in quite unexpected spots. You can trust them and ask them directions or help, if you are in trouble, as many of them would speak English but remember that they can be quite unforgiving if you do not obey the traffic laws or try to outsmart them in any way.                                                                                                                                                                                             Things to look out for, in traffic, in Romania: we drive on the left side of the road and have quite a few speeding drivers or the ones trying to overtake aggressively. Also you can find big trucks or tractors that can ignore the rest of the traffic and not get out of your way. So in these cases just drive slowly and let them do their thing, do not try to overtake unless you have a clear way forward. Also you should beware of horse-drawn carts or wild or domestic animals that are quite ubiquitous on some of the roads and also be aware of the other animals driving in the cars around you. In some areas you will be beeped at if you drive too slowly of too fast, you can be beeped at if you indicate or if you do not indicate and you can beeped at just for the sake of beeping a horn. Apart from all these, you’re safe. Romanians are are a friendly bunch and quite curious about foreigners and would try to help in any way, although sometimes they might look like they don’t like you or your driving.   …. de continuat…..